Four Marketing Mistakes Everyone Makes That You Can Avoid

With over 15 years of experience, I’ve seen a lot of dumb marketing mistakes. Learn what they are and jump ahead of your competition.

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Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Analytics and Tracking, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Stop Motion Animation and More
Onsite Team Management, Outsourcing Experience (both in and out of US), Custom Reporting and Tracking, Multi-team Management, Budgeting, Product Discovery & Planning, and More
Marketing strategy is as much art as it is experience, so leverage your marketing efforts against 15 years of experience and improve your ROI. Experienced with both small and medium sized businesses.
Mark Skalla (4)

About Me and My Experience

I don’t know that practice makes perfect – but I’ve certainly had a lot of practice!

Knowing the right marketing strategies takes both education and experience. I earned my BS in Digital Media & Web Technology from University of Maryland (and even graduated with a 4.0 GPA). School is just part of the picture, as my experience working as part of marketing management for the past ten years has taught me a great deal.
Marketing isn’t just something that I’ve gone to school for and have experience doing, it’s something that I love. Even in my free time I enjoy reading books and examining new efforts to better understand the best methods to create ROI from a myriad of marketing platforms. It’s exciting to be a marketer, and I enjoy working hard on the projects I have!
Ignoring advice from my friends and colleagues, I chose to do business under my own name instead of a company name. Why does that matter? It’s my personal commitment that shows how seriously I take my work.
Life is full of opportunity – it’s everywhere we look. I believe that if you find something within yourself that you truly love doing there’s a good chance that passion will be reflected in the work and results.
If everything always worked, the world would be a different place. My promise is that I will always leverage every aspect of my experience and professional network to make your goals my goals. Anything less than great equally impacts us.
The ability to deliver on products rests on the knowing what is within my ability and what is not. I hate failure more than I love money, so I never accept or bid on projects I’m less than certain I can deliver on.

2014 Demo Reel Excerpt | Video Editing & Animation

Amazing Tools To Do Awesome Marketing

  • Essential software such as the Adobe Creative Suite CS6
  • DSLR, Screen capture, Green Screen, Lighting, Mics, and More
  • Thousands of purchased stock photos, footage, and music
  • Website analytic tools such as Moz, RavenTools, and others
  • Network of tried and true developers for advanced projects
  • Other marketing goodies acquired over the years


Over 15 Years Experience, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

love my clients, and am fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you work with me, you won’t ever have to worry about customer service!

To say Mark cares about his profession would be an understatement. Extremely dedicated, hard working and one who consistently offers insight and assistance into areas where he is familiar, even if it’s outside of his duties. On a personal level he’s approachable, friendly, supportive and diplomatic. I enjoyed my time working with Mark, and would gladly recommend him to anyone needing an accomplished professional to handle their internet marketing campaigns
Kevin O.
Mark is a breath of insightful fresh air. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for almost a year. He brought expertise and leadership to projects, great and small. He’s definitely an asset to any organization. Aside from his professionalism, Mark is also a very caring individual.
Eve G.
Mark is nothing short of a savvy entrepreneur. He is extremely incisive with the ability to make good decisions and effectively manage projects. He is a hard working, goal oriented professional who understands how to deliver on time, within budget and with exceptional results. It was my pleasure to work with Mark and I would highly recommend him.
Noah A.
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4 Marketing Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Learn how you can avoid them and come out ahead of your competition!
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